Slow scrollin Scroller with VerticalLayout Vaadin 14


i have a problem with slow scrolling on android tablets (PC works fine).

Inside Scroller i have VerticalLayout with 100 custom component. If there is 20 components scrolling is fluent and fast, but when i add more than 20 components becomes very slow.

I think that problem is in my custom component, code in attachment. If there is any suggestion how to solve that problem i will be very thankful!

message.txt (5.66 KB)

The amount of components is enormous, especially since you are also creating a lot of additional components that aren’t needed (like label) because those are build in the other fields. You either have to decrease the total amount of visible components by e.g. only showing 20 and then add a “load more” button, improve the whole layouting or move some of the logic to the client side in a lit or polymer template.

ok, i think i will try to move some logic to client side…do you have any practice with that?