Slightly odd help request for Javascript interaction

Hi Everyone,

I have probably an odd request. Without going in to all the fine detail, i’m working on a project that needs to make use of the PostMessage WEB API. I need to include data from Vaadin backend in the PostMessage.
I already have the concept in place with some test pages and javascript. I don’t have any Vaadin UI for it as yet. The receiver is NOT a Vaadin web page.

So I think what I am asking here is does anyone know of an existing component or how to go about making a component that I can set data from the Vaadin backend and have the Client end execute some javascript to PostMessage with the data and then probably pass some sort of response back to Vaadin.

I think something like a TextArea that I could set some JSON in and when that changes on the Client I trigger the PostMessage and if I set the TextArea on the Client then Vaadin backend would notice and do something.

Doesn’t need to be a TextArea just thought that kind of potentially does that back and forward part already.

Any help, code, pointers etc greatly appreciated.


Maybe you can get something out of this:


Hello Olli

Thanks for that reply. It looks interesting and could give me a good starting point. I shall look at in more detail.