SliderBar Addon

After overcoming my initial inertia, I finally put my foot in the water of Vaadin client side / addon development and realeased
SliderBar addon

The Slider bar addon is port of the gwt incubator SliderBar (
) with some minor changes.

I hope someone finds it useful.

Looks industrial. NIce


This looks very nice!
Should it be possible to have the selected value displayed on the slider (like the native vaadin slider) ?


Sure it is possilbe. The source code is publicly
, feel free to modify

Thanks for fixing the bug i earlier reported.

The love this addon and i was coming across this when i was in need for such functionality. i am using in my project.

I had another requirement to use the same slider for Date values.

i tried to extend the LabelFormatter and prepare a DateRangeSliderBar addon.

unfortunatly it is not possible becuase of a bug. the method

the method is declared as package private and so for the extended class in another package will not be able to implement this abstract method.

abstract String formatLabel(VRangeSliderBar slider, double value);

This method needs to be either marked as protected or public, as fix.

protected abstract String formatLabel(VRangeSliderBar slider, double value);
public abstract String formatLabel(VRangeSliderBar slider, double value);

  1. Will you please arrange to update the addon with this fix?
  2. i already have a fully functional DateRangeSliderBar addon, extending your addon. Shall i post it as a addon to the vaadin directory (ofcourse, after your addon is fixed)?

Thanks again for this wonderful addon.


I had intended to add such functionality & indeed make it generic and extensible , but not being doing much of Vaadin lately

If you want I can merge the feature with RangeSliderBar , and you can also publish yours. Its totally fine by me :slight_smile:

Has for the fix, I am right on it.

Thanks for the comments.

The VRangeSliderBar needs some more changes and overriding is difficult as most of the methods are private.

the main need is that for each mouse move, the server need not be communicated and the communication should happen only when the mouse is released (MOUSEUP event).

Locally i modified the code and have it functional fine.

i may publish a unified DoubleRangeSlider serving for purpose of all numbers and dates. But it is going to be my first add on and so i need to get more details on addon publishing. let me learn.


Did someone experience using the SliderBar on an iPad ?
When I do so, the slider does not change value, until I touch another component.

Is there anything special for using such component with an iPad?


it seems, that the sliderbar is not working for me on IPhone or Ipad. I´m confused because the sliderbar is listen on touch events and click events.

Great control,

There is a small bug in slideKnob(Event event) method that is responsible for not working on touch screens.

int pointClicked = DOM.eventGetClientX(event);

pointClicked = 0 when a touch event is used, because the method above takes the x-position of the mouse.

I’ve attached a jar in which i fixed this.
12379.jar (33.4 KB)

How use the slideBar with letters, as in the demo slider ???

Any plans to make it compatible to version 7. I am developing my project using Vaadin 7 and I need this add-on for a main feature in my project. Any suggestion to make it compatible

Me too, is there anything like RangeSliderBar with Vaadin 7?
I want to get a period of days/hours by using the component.


No one knows?