Slider in Table

Hi everybody,
I added a slider and a combobox to a table. The combobox can be manipulated, but the
slider can not be handled. Is there a way to activate a slider in a table?



I played around a bit and finally got it to work, but it seems that you have to put the slider inside a layout. The following code works for me with Vaadin 7.1.7:

[font=courier new]
tab.setTableFieldFactory(new DefaultFieldFactory() {
    public Field createField(Container container, Object itemId, Object propertyId, Component uiContext) {
        if (propertyId.equals("d")) {
            CustomField<Double> f = new CustomField<Double>() {
                public Class<? extends Double> getType() {
                    return Double.class;

                protected Component initContent() {
                    return new HorizontalLayout(new Slider());
            return f;
        return super.createField(container, itemId, propertyId, uiContext);