Slider as a Form field

my version of Vaadin is 6.6.6

What I want to do is add a slider to a form with DefaultFieldFactory

the peace of code in CreateField method is

else if ("days".equals(propertyId)) {
					final Slider slider = new Slider(1, 100);
					try {
						slider.setValue(new Double(5.0));
					} catch (ValueOutOfBoundsException e) {
					return slider;

I am getting an error for that code

target.addVariable(this, "value", ((Double) getValue()).intValue());

value is null !

Am I doing anything wrong ?

Ok, that was my fault (partly?), after I’ve set a default double value for the corresponding field in a bean which is a data source for that Form, everything worked clearly

I would say the problem is that the Form sets the value of Slider to null, i.e. the days field is null in your bean. The NPE in this case sounds like a bug in Slider.