skipping functionality

EDIT: I created a test war that i attached to this thread for importing the test project into eclipse. All you need to do is import the war and add the Vaadin jar to the build path.
-you have to rename in the Web Project field in Eclipse when importing war.
-also perform a clean build with your Vaadin jar.

EDIT2: i simplified the test, and proven it’s not my code that’s doing the skipping, eliminating the algorithm that skips if number matches another, and removed the value listener.
I have a hunch it might be the layout clicking that’s causing it somehow, since it’s pretty new to my code.

In the picture i added below, i demonstrated the skipping.
Clicking twice in a row fast, it generates three requests, which shouldn’t happend.

I created a functionality, in which a number is increased or decreased w/o repeating in a set of numbers and staying in a certain range also.
The problem is that the click events increasing and decreasing skip a number (jumps twice)
almost every second time the increase or decrease button is clicked (marked with “+” or “-”), if clicked consecutively about 0.5s between clicks, on the same button.

I mention again, the logic is set to jump over existing numbers in the set, but, that logic has been running fine for at least a month, so that’s not it. I suspect it might be something in the framework, since i can’t tell what in my code can possibly do that.


The logic
[/b] updates an array of numbers exactly in the index is suppose to, then updates two arrays of controls, labels and textfields with the new value. It’s all found in the Extraction class.

Bug replication:

To reach and test the functionality, you see first a “Generate” button, and 6 balls, you need to push that to fill the balls, then click on any of them to open an edit window. In the edit window, clicking either + or - consecutively will make the number increment twice almost every second consecutive click, if the clicks are fast enough, about 0.5s in between. That is the bug I can’t fix, help?

P.S. Have another weird behaviour although less prone to happend in this thread, where instead of textfields i have labels, that are updated by a popping textfield that updates the label “beneath”. It works fine, but it has a minor bug where textfields can remain in the UI, which isn’t suppose to happend:

11411.war (19.1 KB)
11413.war (14 KB)

Yep, as i suspected, it was the click layout functionality that was the cause. I used buttons instead of reading for child labels of a clickable layout, and it works fine. The example attached works with buttons (the pluses) and labels (the minuses) showing the difference.
11416.war (14.2 KB)