Sizing screen Browser

A helping hand, anyone know the procedure to get the sizing opening Brower. I need to know the size of the splint (browser). Tks.

Anyone know how I should proceed?

What size you need to know? The browser window size? Use getMainWindow().getWidth/Height() (put the main window to immediate mode to get the size back to the server as soon as possible). Splint==split? Normal components don’t communicate their calculated pixel size back to the server.

Is the size of the browser. When the user opens the application in the brower, saher need the size to resize the screen. Thank you for your attention Jouni.

I’m sorry, I’m having a hard time understanding what you’re trying to achieve.

Do you want to resize the main application window (==browser window) when the user enters the application, or do you want to set the size of some other native browser window that you open during the usage of the application?

Are you trying to maximize the browser window? You can get the size of the users display (==screen) using the browser details:
Browser Information (Sampler)

Thank you Jouni, you were 10. Do you understand even the webBrowser.getScreenWidth (), webBrowser.getScreenHeight () help. What happens is that I’m opening these pages via mobile, now I have to resize as the page opens small quro see a way to open the phone’s screen size.

Do not know if I could pass the problem now … But the problem is now. When I open the page in a mobile, it opens the page very small. Is there any way for the browser to open this page in normal size? I mean, opening the size I go to the pages.