Simple screenshot uploader wanted!


I’m looking for a solution for uploading a screenshot simply.
F.E. if I take a Screenshot about the desktop, I can paste(Ctrl+V) it in Skype easily. I would like to do the same in Vaadin! I’ve already checked the Screenshot add-on, but it doesn’t meet with my needs.

Are there any solution!?


Why? Explaining what you miss in this add-on can help in explaining what you need.

I would like to implement this function :

Which function? Clipboard handling? Upload capability?

I’d like the clipboard handling function! I try to integrate this applet in vaadin by
add-on, but I don’t finished yet and it is a bit difficult to mee:(
Thanx to your help!

The clipboard handling is a bit different from the screenshot handling…
There is a add-on, but I guess you want to copy from clipbard instead, then upload. And it uses yet another technology (Flash).
Indeed, it might be better to take the source of the Screenshot add-on and to improve it to handle clipboard as well.
I should have some Java code to handle images in clipboard if you need, but not much more than what you can find with a little Google search…