Simple alignment question

I am trying to put a small icon and a text string into a Horizontal layout in a window. The icon is 50 or 100 pixels across and the text may be 80 or 100 characters. When I add them to a Horizontal layout, it looks like each takes 50% of the space on the screen (width). I want the icon to take up 5 or 10% of the width, and the text to be aligned next to it. But I can’t seem to force that to happen. Tried setting the width of the icon to “50px” or “10%” and also tried setting the text width to “90%”. But it still seems to divide the screen in half (and then wraps the text on the right side of the screen). How do I make this alignment work? I’m doing something like this right now:

public class Win_Help extends VerticalLayout{
private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
private myApplication app = null;
private Button b_Close = null;
private Window wHelp = null;

public Win_Help(myApplication myApp){
	HorizontalLayout hlPreferences = null;
	Embedded iPreferences = null;
	Label lPreferences = null;
	ThemeResource trPreferences = null;
	app = myApp;
	wHelp = new Window("Help");
	hlPreferences = new HorizontalLayout();
	trPreferences = new ThemeResource("img/gtk-preferences.png");
	iPreferences = new Embedded("", trPreferences);
	lPreferences = new Label("Opens a dialog where various preferences can be set and saved");
	b_Close = new Button("Close", this, "closeButtonClick");

public void closeButtonClick(Button.ClickEvent event){


You need to use layout expand ratios to divide the space 10% / 90% for the components, and then set the component sizes to 100%.

Thanks - I’m away from the office until Monday, but I will try that next week.

Much obliged,