Signature Field Doesn't Compile Into Widgetset

Hi Guys,

Using the vaadin8 bakery demo I’m having trouble bringing in the signature field addon. It simply won’t detect the addon when recompiling widgetset via maven vaadin:compile or vaadin:update-widgetset. Naturally, when adding this component to a layout, we get an error that the widgetset is not compiled.

We added in the grid util addon and re-compiled widgetset and can confirm the grid util addon was added to the widgetset - so it doesn’t seem to be a maven or build issue. Just an issue detecing this particular plugin.

from pom.xml


from console output (note signature field is not included, but grid util comes in fine):

Widgetsets found from classpath:
	com.vaadin.board.BoardWidgetSet in file:/Users/bl/.m2/repository/com/vaadin/vaadin-board/1.1.0-beta1/vaadin-board-1.1.0-beta1.jar
	com.vaadin.addon.charts.Widgetset in file:/Users/bl/.m2/repository/com/vaadin/vaadin-charts/4.0.4/vaadin-charts-4.0.4.jar
	org.vaadin.gridutil.WidgetSet in file:/Users/bl/.m2/repository/org/vaadin/addons/vaadin-grid-util/2.1.1/vaadin-grid-util-2.1.1.jar

We also exported all the dependencies for the project and can confirm the vaadin-signaturefield-2.0.1.jar is indeed included.

Any ideas? Is there possibly something wrong with this plugin?


Looks like the addon has troubles with ???Widgetset.gwt.xml file. Can you share the addon sources?


In this project there is no Widgetset xml files. It is an annotated configuration application as per the vaadin 8 bakery demo.

My maven pom is in the original post.

To reproduce: simply add the dependency into your pom file and run. It doesn’t detect the signature field.
To prove the pom file / recompile is not the issue - add grid util addon (the second one in the pom) and you’ll see it recompiles the widgetset just fine (but signaturefield is not detected)

The add-on is definitely in the classpath - signaturefield shows up in vaadin designer
Other maven addons compile in just fine. Just seems to be an issue with this plugin??

I’m not sure what other resources you’d like me to share - but if I can help more just let me know.

Ok, I have found the repository for SignatureField

Looks like it does not have client-side gwt code, thus does not have .gwt.xml file, thus does not have anything to be included into widgetset compilation.
It should work as is.

PS Yes, there is a number of plugins made without GWT code.

I could be mistaken, but normally this means GWT code hasn’t compiled in?


Ouch, my bad. Finally I have found the file.
I think you may try to make your own widgetset file and list all of the addons there. I have no idea why the addons widgetset is not detected.

Yeah, there’s a couple of other people on the plugin page reporting this same issue.

Ok so I’ve done a little more work on this today. What it seems like is some time after vaadin 8.0.5 (which is what the signature field is built with) the plugin is no longer detected as a widgetset for compilation.

If I run my app with 8.0.5, the widgetset gets included for compilation. If I use 8.5.1 which my app is running, it doesn’t.

I think this is due to the fact signature field has some legacy / compatibility components from vaadin 7.

So, changing my server from vaadin-server to vaadin-compatibility-server and vaadin-compatibility-client in my maven pom it detects the widgetset on vaadin 8.5.1

I’ll post more when I know more, but at least it is compiling in.

I’d say if someone smarter than me were to refactor the code and remove the compatibility elements - it would probably compile in just fine. I had a quick look but can’t get the plugin code to build on my machine.


Hi all,

Problem lies with the pom file and not including WidgetSet definition. I’ve created a patch to fix this issue. It is reported on component github page ( After applying this to signaturefield source code and compile local widgetset using local maven sources everything works as expected with vaadin 8.4.1. I hope max will update code and release new version of the component available to everyone with remote widgetset compilation method.