Signature capturing component needed


i am in the need to capture a signature, while someone is signing an order on an iPad, and export the signature as an image for later references.

In the jQuery environment there is a plugin, which does exactly what i am looking for: jSignature.
Demo is here:

I know, that i can use the canvas element to do some drawings, but i haven’t used this component so far.

Is there a similar plugin like jSignature available for Vaadin?
Is it advisable to use jSignature inside of Vaadin as a jQuery Plugin?

Yours Johannes

Do you find any solution to that problem. I am facing same problem.

I haven’t seen such a component anywhere, but it is possible that some of the canvas add-ons in the Directory would do the trick. For a JQuery plugin to work properly with Vaadin it needs to be wrapped as a custom client widget; this means GWT. There are a number of people on this forum that have succesfully integrated JQuery components, but as I don’t know this particular one, I don’t know how difficult it would be.

something like this would be great in Vaadin :

I took a very quick look at the Sencha signaturefield, which is under the MIT license. I didn’t analyze it in detail, but it seems to me that 90-95% of the code is JavaScript that does not depend on Sencha and the bits that do depend on it are the reset and save buttons etc.

It should not be too hard for someone who knows a bit of JavaScript to turn this into a Vaadin 7 JavaScript component. See the JavaScript related tutorials on
this page
to get started.

I started working on a signature field. Would be interested in the requirements you have, so I can make it work for you :slight_smile:

Hi Michael,

Did you get anywhere with the signature capture field?