Sidenav still experimental in 24.2 ?

It seems that the documentation has been updated to remove the experimental part of the SideNav component, but when i remove it from the I get an exception saying that i’m trying to use an experimental feature.

Is it still experimental or not?

Ensure that your IDE cache doesn’t add older classes. 24.2 has no guard check anymore for it - it’s GA (general available)

Tested this by downloading a new 24.2 starter from, and I don’t get that exception there. SideNav works ok without any feature flags.

Generally, the procedure i follow to upgrade vaadin versions is

  1. run the clean-frontend goal
  2. update vaadin version
  3. build the project
  4. start the application in development mode, so it regenerates the dev-bundle and npm packages
  5. start the application in production mode to check things are still good

When trying this a second time indeed i no longer got the issue, likely Intellij not being yet fully up to speed with the new classes. Thanks for confirming !

Once you update the pom and are finished with the first clean up (3.1) I would always recommend to press “reload all maven projects” in IDEA, it often has Problems with new / updated dependencies and you get the old version on app start up