Showing Grid data in Form

Hello, everyone.
So i have a grid set up, with List data.
My question is, can i display this Grid data in a pop-up form that shows up on button click.
What I mean is something like this, but instead of having the empty textfields, i want them to be filled with the Grid data.

I also tried using Binders, but i am yet learning and i am kind of lost on this one.

You can check here in the documentation: Passing Data and Events among Vaadin Components ( and the previous pages).

Your binder is not correct. ( But I’m on a phone so it’s not easy to write code).

You can also create a project in with a master-detail view. That will give you a working example of what you want to do.

Thanks a lot. Will do this first thing when i am on my PC !

It is possible to create a list edit field using Grid, here is an exampl

There is also dialog version

In both cases it is field with value type of List, so it is possible to use e.g. popup version in a form, and bind it to list property with Binder