Show your applications

I would to see in live your applications. Provide details of the optimization would be the best if you want.
Could you give us a link here.
Thanks very much.
when I inspect the code I don’t see vaadin code?

I see a problem with that wish because most Vaadin applications aren’t and shouldn’t be public accessible. I myself am not allowed to share my Application this way. That’s why most Applications have some type of security system in front to avoid this.
You also won’t see many people sharing the code of their live applications because

  1. It is a big security issue if everyone can see how the security is mad of you app
  2. Making this code often took a lot of time and work so sharing it for free is not really an option
  3. Some code contains important information of the company they work for (i.e. database connections)
  4. Looking through the code of an entire complex application is not really helpful to learn something as a lot of this code is either specific to the company, has the “fingerprint” of the developer which makes it difficult for other devs to read it, …

You’re probably better off looking at Test-Applications like the Quicktickets-Demo.

Did you use the Inspect code feature of the Browser? In that case you can just see the compiled html and css of the Application. There is no way to look at java code of this application and i’m sure that puma won’t allow the code to be shared as it probably cost them a lot of money to set this up.

These are just my concerns. Maybe someone else made a public, open-source application which he can share but i doubt it.

Hi Marius,
Certainly this post concern public application. I am not asking to see the code.
When mine will be finished soon i will write the link here.

Don’t confuse i am not looking for how to write code but to see the performance of the application written by other developers.

It is weird that i cannot see a running public project written in Vaadin, not a Demo?
What’s the purpose of Vaadin… to be private?

Have you tried to look here ? There are some public projects in the list, so just try to google it. For example or also

Hi V V,
Very good! Thanks you very much.
is a whole example to analyse. Also
is interesting.