Show value of checkbox in subwindow

hey everybody,

is there a way to show the value of a checkbox in a subwindow?

i want a checkbox on the main screen and after a button click i want to show it in the subwindow.
when you change the value in the subwindow, the checkbox value on the main screen should change and the also other way.

thank you

Where is your problem? Did you implement this solution with vaadin or not? If you looking solution how to position subwindow near controls, look into this sample:

hmm i think you didnĀ“t get my problem. :smiley:

i want a checkbox at the main screen and also the same in a subwindow.

when you change the value of the checkbox on the mainwindow, the value should also be changed in the subwindow.

If you bind both checkboxes to the same property instance, they will show the same value and be updated together.