Show notification when data inserted into db

I have a Vaadin app that should display a notification when a new row is inserted into a db table (the insert is done by another web app).

If is possible, can you give me some hints?


Sounds like something that the other app should inform your Vaadin app about, instead of that the Vaadin app tries to figure out if the database has changed.

Read up on how separate Java applications can communicate with each others. Even if the other app is not Java-based, it could probably use the same data format to send the event to the Java app.

In fact I have a REST app deployed in the same .war file as Vaadin.

When a REST request is received, I want to display a notification (and save some info in db).

How can I trigger a GUI update, to show the notification?

You’ll need a “Push” solution such as IcePush or, um DontPush (Directory add-ons). See this
“sticky” message on the forums



There are two things:

  • You can have 0-n instances of your vaadin web application running
    in which of these do you wish to show the notification ?

  • To be able to get “server notitications” you will need to use one of the available push methods.
    The simplest is using a polling component (like the refresher or the progress component) These are simple to use and work fine in all cases.
    The other way is to use a true push system, like ice push or equivalent. These solutions are very “delicate” to get working and sensitive to browser versions, network structure etc.


Thank you for this link, very useful.

I was already reading about Refresher and DontPush, but with this link is more clear.

Normally I should have only one instance of application running, but if there are more, should be displayed in all.

I will continue to read about these addons, thanks.