Show Description in Vaadin flow Timeline serise tooltip along with the X axis Value

@secure-leopard I am trying to display a unique description for each data point in Timeline graph tooltip , below is the code I am using but the description is not displaying can you please help

DataSeriesItem item = new DataSeriesItem();

I have also enabled Accessibility module as suggested in the comments in DataSeriseItem setDescription method

like below

Accessibility accessibility = configuration.getAccessibility();

@secure-leopard @useful-whale can you guys please help here

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I don’t personally have that much experience with the timeline component. I’m not sure how to add a description

I also don’t know the vast Charts API by heart, but I’m pretty sure setDescription sets a description for screen readers, not a tooltip, as the JavaDoc says
A description of the series to add to the screen reader information about the series.

Isn’t there a setTooltip method on DataSeriesItem?

The docs also have an example of configuring a tooltip on the series:

Thanks , the setDescription method worked, and in setTooltip on DataSeriesItem tooltip.setPointFormat(“{}: {point.y} {point.description}”)