Show buttons on mouse over

I’m new to VAADIN, and I’d like to implement such functionality that when I roll the mouse over some component, some buttons pops up right to the component. Imagine a box, when I position the mouse over the box, a “remove box” button appears.

Please consult what approach to take. Could I use the com.vaadin.ui APIs or should I implement custom widget?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

You should definitely implement client side widget for that, as none of available components sends mouse over events back to server. I believe such functionality should be implemented as client side only to avoid unnecessary client-server requests.

Thanks a lot Michal,
Your hint was valuable to me. I created new custom widget via the wizard and inspecting the example code.
It suites my needs.


Hi Dinko.

I have a requirement to show an thumbnail image when mouse over happens on a label. Could you please help us by sharing the code for custom widget you have done? Thanks


You could also try out the
Snappy add-on
, which allows you to do client side actions without actually building any new client side components. This kind of “show on hover” thing is basically what the add-on was built for.