ShortcutAction to change the View

Hey guys!

Is it possible to add a Shortcut - let’s say “SHIFT+F” - to navigate to a specific view?

I already tried via
and I also tried adding listeners to my main vertical layout, but I still can’t get it down.

Most recent attempt was on a MenuItem which I actually use to navigate across the site. But still nothing. I thought about adding a button, hiding it and adding a ClickShortcut(ShortcutAction) to it, but this is a nasty solution imo.

If this is a bad idea or bad practice - please feel free to educate me!

So to sum it up, I want to have this as a shortcut:


If you have created your navigation menu, e.g. with Buttons (you can style Button not to look like a button), it is straightforward to add short cut to Button. see:…-