ShortcutAction order


Is there a possibility to ensure the order of keyboard shortcuts events?

Or does Vaadin guarantee the order by calling
public void handleAction(Action action, Object sender,
Object target)
in the same order as the user has triggered the keys?

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Yes. :slight_smile:

(Well, unless something strange happens with the events in the browser - are you experiencing problems, or just wanting to know how it’s supposed to work?)

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It’s just a theoretical question.

The client side javascript engine can guarantee the order (hope so), but I suppose that different keyboard actions trigger different servlet requests. And the order of the servlet requests handled by the web application server is not predictable or stringent in the order as the client has send the asynchronous call.


Yes, the browser takes care of this

The framework takes care of this for you and the handler will be called for the events in the same order as triggered by the user.

That’s good to read. Thanks!