Shared Session between war

Hello, I’m trying to make an application in vaadin based on microservices.
This is developed under J2EE and I can not find a way to share the session between war.

I tried to replicate the HTTP session through JBOSS but it did not work.
Overrider classes trying to send the session from one war to another by means of servlet but neither.

Do you have any ideas?

Sounds like a configuration issue. Hard to say without more details. For those considering session replication and microservices. I published a demo application that includes the following:

  • Service discovery
  • Externalized configuration
  • Circuit breakers (fault tolerance)
  • Replicated HTTP sessions (high availability)
  • Client-side load balancing
  • Reverse proxy (round-robin or sticky sessions for Vaadin applications)

Source code and instructions available:


specification change it name in 2003 or 2005 dont remember exactly =D now its called

What problem you are trying to solve? Share the data between applications can be achieved in more convinient way.
Is it a same application replicated or its two (or more?) different applications?

Session replication is kinda no so trivial. you will need a cluster in you case infinispan easiest way to go if using jboss, if your aplicaiton is containarized then its additional pain with building a jgroup cluster without multicast and handle possible brain split problems and and and…

or you can try to serialize you session into the database.

PS dont forge to put in you web.xml. =D