share my source code,about bind data to form.waiting for ur sugguestion.

firstly,plz forgive me for my poor english.:),
plz leave ur words if any question or sugguestion.
how to use:
first create a xml file named register.xml, and set the attribute key = “Regisger” of form node,then add some bean properties.
next create a html file and placed it in vaadin’s layout directory.
the html file’s name shoud same as Register.xml’s form’s key attribute,in other words,the html file named register.html.//sorry,poor english.:

 call FormConfigParser.parseConfigFiles() to init the config data before use the formModel.
		FormModel model = MyApplicationContext.getFormModel("Register");//MyApplicationContext is a global static veriable.
		ConfigurableForm form = new ConfigurableForm(model.getKey());
                FormBeanItemImpl<SomeVo> item = new FormBeanItemImpl<SomeVo>(InstanceOfSomeVo);

here is the source code.
waiting for ur sugguestion… (17 KB)