setWeeklyCaptionFormat always day in front

If I use calendar.setWeeklyCaptionFormat(“dd.MM”) why the UI shows always the weekday in front?
setWeeklyCaptionFormat(“dd.MM”) results in “Montag 20.04”
I don’t want to have Montag in front of 20.04!
Is it somehow possible to prevent the weekday?

I’m afraid there’s no easy way to do this at the moment, this behaviour is hardcoded on the client-side, there’s no existing functionality for configuring the beginning of that value. It might be possible to hack into the behaviour by extending VCalendar and CalendarConnector, but I haven’t tried it. You’d probably need to use JSNI violator pattern to get access to dayToolBar field that contains the label with the value. And it’s all in the same label, so not that easy to hide with css either.

You can also create a
feature request
about the issue if you want, and wait for the feature to get added to core (you’ll need to register new credentials to trac if you don’t have them already).

Hello Anna, thank you very much for your detailed answer. I’m going to create a feature request.

There is alredy an open issue about this problem.