setting the width of table cell

Using the css is it possible to set the width of particular cell to zero pixel

.v-table-nestedTable .v-table-cell-content-defaultRowLastCell {
background: white;
color: white;
width: 0px;

I tried using this css class given above.

But didn’t work for me.

If it is possible how will be look and feel of that particular row.

Suppose I have 3 cells in a row and if I set the width of first 2 cells to 0(zero) pixel will the 3rd cell occupy the complete width of the row.
11765.bmp (1.33 MB)

I have not tried, but I don’t think that will work.

Is there a particular reason why you want to do this with CSS instead of using the API? (I.e what are you trying to achieve?)

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hi marc,
actually what I want to do is…

suppose if I click on some desired cell in the table then the row below it should display a table inside it.

you can see the image i have attached in the main thread…
so that you will get the exact picture of how i want the behaviour

waiting for your reply



First of all, nesting the tables is probably not the best idea with vaadin. Furthermore, I believe it is not possible to collapse all the cells in one particular row, expanding one of them.
Looking on the sketch that you have provided, I would suggest you to take a glance at the
. I believe that it might fulfill your requirements in terms of UI and ease the data-related part affairs.

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hey alexander,

thanks for the input but…

the TreeTable which you suggested doesn’t meet my requirements.

Isn’t there any other way that you can suggest.

Using Table.setCellGenerator() i m able to trigger separate css styles for the individual cell.

I tried putting the width of the cell to zero but still it didn’t work.

Could you once try this and let me know if there is some probability.

So you want to collapse some cells in one row, but not in all rows?

Not sure that can be done, I’m guessing it can’t.

There has been some discussions about implementing cell spanning in Table, but the ticket I found indicates it would only support text in the spanned row. Not sure if that will be the final implementation, or when it will be implemented, though:

// Marc

At least one Vaadin user is
trying to implement this
by modifying the table class and its client side implementation.