Setting Portal selected theme to modal window


I have a vaadin portlet deployed on to the liferay. The portal is applying the selected theme on to the Vaadin portlet, but when I open a modal window (child) from the portlet, the theme is not getting applied. Is there a way that I can apply the default theme or a particular theme available/deployed in Portal?


While I don’t have a test environment running at the moment, I believe subwindows should get use the theme set either for the “primary” window shown as the portlet contens, or a theme with a portal-wide parameter (in If you set the theme for the application, IIRC it is copied to open windows that had the previous theme of the application when it is set.

However, you cannot separately set the theme for a subwindow - if you do, it is silently ignored. Currently, the Window API contains methods that only apply to top-level windows or to subwindows, but not both. This is often confusing, and these APIs will be refactored in Vaadin 7.

If the subwindow is lacking styles from the theme, it would be useful to know if only certain aspects of the theme are not applied - I believe at least a part of the theme is used. Also, which Vaadin and Liferay versions are you using? Where are you setting the theme? Which theme are you inheriting or using? What kind of styles (and from which CSS files) do you see for the subwindow and its contents with Firebug or similar developer tools?