setting layout visibility to false should hide all added components ?


I am seeing behaviour where doing myLayout.setVisible(false) in fact does not hide the components added to that layout. It does seem to work for a few occasions, but not others. Is this supported functionality at all or are we not supposed to ‘hide’ layouts ?


Sounds really strange, hiding layouts should be perfectly fine. Can you supply a small test case and description of your environment (OS, browser, Vaadin version etc.)?

OK I will try, extracting it from the application is a bit tricky it will take a bit of time.

Basically i am using the event router to send custom events around to listeners, and in these listeners depending on the event data i determine component visibility. Also most of my application level widgets are extending a base layout class, i have switched to using a custom component instead and it does seem to have less layout surprises and generally is a cleaner solution.

Not sure how you use the event router (within an application instance or between applications), but if you are updating the UI from another thread (e.g. a request to another application instance), you need to use a push or pull solution to have the changes delivered to the browser.

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, and don’t forget to synchronize to the Application instance.