Setting cacherate below 1 and Internet Explorer..?

Having a truly frustrating issue… I have a table with some generated columns and for heavy processing reasons I use setChacheRate(0.0) on my table and setPageLength(15). The generated column does some calculations then creates an embedded and returns it (either an icon or null), pretty straight forward.

Now this works really well in all browsers except Internet Explorer. In Internet Explorer it does run the column generate method for all rows, I can see that, but it only displays the embedded icon on the very first table row. And moreover this only happens the very first time after an application has been started. Any subsequent generation of columns, even with an entirely different dataset displays correctly on all rows. After initial start and the one time bug it cannot be reproduced unless you restart the whole application.

Investigating further proves that it works to setCacheRate(1.0), and Internet Explorer functions on the first try. In fact a CacheRate of anything above 1.0 works in IE, but reducing to anything below 1 and bugs start to appear for no apparent reason (while it works in Safari and Chrome, etc).

It is as if IE cannot handle setCacheRate of <1.0. It does run the generateCell for all rows, and using debug it even produces the expected results for all rows. It does however only
the generated column values on the very first row. But only the first time you generate columns for the table, subsequent attempts and it works. And setting CacheRate of >=1.0 it works exactly as intended with no bugs also the first time.