setting button to height 100%

Hi All,

I can’t seem to set a height to the button. Well I can set the height, but the button doesn’t look very nice after I do.
Is there something special I have to do ?

I captured a screenshot of the button that I am trying to set - 300px by 300 px


unfortunately the button only supports the pre-defined height. To get around this, you have at least three options:

  • Chameleon theme contains a somewhat higher button theme
  • Use NativeButton (and style it yourself if needed)
  • Create your own, height-extendable theme for the Button component


Ah I see, no wonder it doesn’t work.

Thanks for your information.

And to be slightly more precise, the limitation is in the reindeer (default) theme as well as perhaps certain other themes. The Button component itself has no such limitation, although it is quite tricky to theme it to have an adjustable height while keeping the same look on all supported browsers.