setting a NavigationView button

I’m using Touchkit and NavigationView objects, very useful. One of my views has a list of people, and clicking on one of them gives a page for that person. That page contains buttons for other people they’re associated with, and so the user can click on one, then a 2nd, a 3rd, etc., exploring the relationships among them all.

I would like to provide a way for the user to exit all the individual people he has been exploring and go back to the list of people it started with. I saved a reference to that View statically, then in each person view I create a navigation button for returning to it and put it in the right-hand component of the person’s page. So the left component takes the user back to the page they just left, and the right component takes them all the way back to the list of people. That much works fine.

And the list-of-people page still has its left component set to the “Menu” page before that, as I want it to do. Unfortunately, the menu page then has a left-hand component to take it “back to” the list of people, and I’d rather not have it do that. What I want is to take the user back through his breadcrumbs (or whatever you want to call it), to have a single button that has the effect of going back through all the individual people to the list-of-people view.

I tried setting the back button on the menu page to null – it doesn’t like that. I thought of creating a specially-styled button that had no physical appearance, but that’s a hack I’d rather not do if I don’t have to.

Can anyone help me set things up to do that?