Setting a component width into a 100% width HorizontalLayout

Hi all,
I’ve some problems to set width in layouts properly. I need to do something like this in horizontal:

[ [select component]
[ tokenfield select (token1) (token2) (token3)… ]

In horizontalLayouts when you include a tokenfield you must set them to 100% width because the new tokens that you select in tokenfield’s selector don’t add after it. The reason is horizontallayout adjust it’s own width to the initial tokenfield width.

When i try to set a width to the select component like 20% or 200px to fix the before situation, the selector keeps the same width. If i set 10% the select is hidden partially but the width that horizontallayout sets to it doesn’t change. is it possible to change the default width that a 100% width horizontallayout assings to components?

thank you

you are looking for setComponentRatio, look into the book for how to use it