Setting a background image to a panel which is under a defult theme

hi…I am new to vaadin.
I want to know that is it possible to set a background image to a panel which is under a defualt theme like reindeer or mork or something similar.
I can do this if I create a custome layout of my own. But the vaadin themes are very nice and dont want to change it.
Also …is it possible to set the background color of a panel?

I have attached the a sample image…where I want to set background image and set a diffrent bg color…
Please give me some suggestions.

Thank you.

To change either of those, you need a custom theme. Good news is that you can extend a default theme (such as Reindeer), and only add you images/color modifications.

I have an example in
this blog
where I extend a built-in theme in order to add a background image. Hopefully this will help. There’s more in that example than you’re asking for, but it shows how to add your own css file that extends on already in Vaadin.