setPosition Problem

Hi Vaadiners :slight_smile:

I was making a little app with six child-windows. When I run the app on a different computer with a screen resolution less than 1280x800px, the size and the position of my child windows went crazy! I could fix the size problem because the setWidht and setHeigth method can use UNITS_PERCENTAGE but setPositionX and Y only accept pixels.

It would be great if this method could use UNITS_PERCENTAGE. Is there anyway to solve this little problem?

Thank you for your help

Sounds like a pretty trivial fix and worth fixing. Could you please create a new ticket for this in our Trac, if there isnโ€™t one already? Thanks!

Hi Jouni,

I created the ticket:
I hope Iโ€™ve done it well.

Thanks for your help