setHeight problem

I’m adding a

Content extends HorizontalLayout

to the MainWindow of the application.

I push a button somewhere else and I do this:

				content.setHeight(0, Sizeable.UNITS_PIXELS);

But the height remains the same client side.

Furthermore, I tried setting height with CSS.
The component has 3 divs embedded in eachother.

If I set with CSS, I can select only the innermost div, which has no effect, and in CSS you can’t select the parent of an element to set it’s height as well.

If I set it server side, 2 of the innermost divs are set to 0, and the outermost div remains at the same height.

It looks like a bug to me

My use case is that I want to set height: 0px so I hide an element temporarely w/o rebuilding the whole element and sending it from the server side.
It could’ve simply be done with setStyleName(“hide”); then setStyleName(“show”); but setDebugId(“target”) sets the id of the innermost element, CSS can’t select parent divs, and also setStyleName(“hide”); sets the class of the innermost element, so it can be done because of the way components are made

Any ideeas how I could accomplish this?

setting the expansion ratio to 0 did it