setHeight and ComboBox problems

Mayb it’s a known issues , don’t know

  • setHeight on components like button and menubar … make it looks like…

tried to play with Sizeable.XXX , no help

public void init() {

		Window mainWindow = new Window("X3 Application");
        MenuBar m = new MenuBar();
	    Button b = new Button("....");

*and combobox issue

It’s because of the theme. Reindeer (the default theme) has a bunch of components themed in a way that you cannot modify the height from the default. The restriction comes from using background images to theme it.

You can create your own component theme with css to make the component’s height adjustable. Also, the
theme should have less of these limitations.

This depends on the theme; when using the Reindeer theme (the default), some components are made to have a specific height. Especially for buttons this can be a bummer sometimes.

You can work around this by making custom CSS for the components that should be higher, or (for button) by using NativeButton.
Or you could consider using the
Chamaleon Theme

Oh, and the reason: this is a tradeoff to get that particular look on all browsers, starting from IE6. Here is one ticket about the issue:

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