"setEnabled(false)" hides component on Internet Explorer


Our test team has just discovered on 2 of our Vaadin portlets, using Internet Explorer (7 and 8) that an OptionGroup component disappears when set to disabled, when on Firefox/Chrome it’s correctly grayed out :frowning:
The code is yet very simple :

if (disableOptGrp)

I’ve seen some tickets opened concerning “setEnabled(false)” and IE (quite understandable knowing the “IE nightmare”), but nothing on components disappearing, are we the first one to encounter it ?


Sounds a lot like a bug and I didn’t see an existing ticket about such a problem, at least with a quick glance. I can’t try this myself either as I don’t have IE at hand. You could file a ticket and see what happens.

I was curious, so I tested.
In my application, I have an option group, I added in the ValueChangeEvent the line setEnabled(false) when selecting a given option.
In both Firefox and IE7, the group was disabled (greyed out), no disappearance.
Perhaps you should try your logic in a small test application, and see if you can reproduce it.