setDebugId does not update ID?


we have a gui where we can add rows and delete rows. As we want to test this with selenium, we add debugIds to the rows like “row-n”, where n is the row number.
Whenever we delete a row, we adjust the debugIds on the rows and we can query the debugIds with “getDebugId”, but whenever the objects in the browser are updated, they still have the old id. We added a caption to the rows where the id returned by getDebugId is printed


, and this shows the correct version.

So in short? Is the changing of a debug id not supported (documentation does not say anything about that)
or is this a bug?

The debug ID is used as (a part of) an identifier for the component, and as far as I can recall, there is no support for changing it for an already painted component. The server will have the changed value, but it is not updated on the client, and other updates might not reach the component.