setComponentError and CustomField

I have a custom field (CF) holding a button B and two text fields in some kind of horizontal layout, something like B, TF1, TF2

Now, I am adding a validator to make sure this component is set properly (for instance TF1 ha a value but this could change depending on the instance). I trigger the validation on CF with such an issue. So, indeed I have the red marker thingy on the right telling me what the validation issue is. But I’d like to have also that information on the text field that is due to this issue (in my example TF1). Internally, the component knows what the problem is.

What I did was overriding setComponentError() and delegate also to the text field(s) that is(are) invalid.

This works but then I have a read marker thingy on the text field(s) as well. Since my custom field is a set of fields laid out horizontally, I only need the red marker at the right of the field and the red caption when I hover over the fields (and the marker).

How can I do that? And in particular, how can I make sure it would still work if from a design standpoint one would change the way the errors are being displayed.

In short, I’d like a setComponentErrorTooltip method or something that would only impact the tooltip.


answering myself

.v-caption-my-component .v-errorindicator {
    display: none;

where .v-caption-my-component is the style of the component that has the error indicator (in this case the text fields)