setColumnReorderingAllowed not working in Brave browser


for some reason, column reordering is not working anymore in Brave browser. I have PRO subscription and it is not working for default Grid nor for GridPro. I tried it in documentation example and its not working there either. I did not found any bug related to this topic, so I am asking here. It seems like a bug introduced in one of latest versions. I am using 14.9.2 atm.
Although, it is working in Chrome as expected.

It is somehow related to “popup blocker pro” extension which i had installed in browser. After disabling it, it works as expected.

Huh. That sounds odd. Do you see any blocked requests or errors in your devtools console?

Nope … no errors, no warnings, no blocked requests.

Can you please create an issue in GitHub - vaadin/flow-components: Java counterpart of Vaadin Web Components with as much relevant detail as possible so we can take a look?