hi all,

i am login into my application and setting the session with name…
but if i copy the link and paste into another link it is taking me inside the application without logout …
but if m logout it will redirect to main page …
i have used spring

plz help me out.

Hi , I am new to vaadin . How to implement session guard in vaddin 7.2.6 like displaying the popup if session about to expire with two buttons like stay and continue . And i wanna know how vaadin internally handles the http staus codes errors.

Plz help me.

@aakanksha: I don’t really understand your post.

I don’t know if the author of the SessionGuard add-on has any plans for porting it - perhaps you can post separately about it in the add-on forum thread about the add-on.
For handling of status codes for normal requests (which is mostly an internal implementation detail), see ApplicationConnection.doUidlRequest(). Server push etc. add some complexity elsewhere.

Thanks Hensri Sara for reply. But stiil i am struggling to show poppup before 5 miniutes to show message like “Your Session will expired in 5 minutes”. Here my doubt is in which event or in which listener i need to place the code to display message or any other options to develop this requirement.

I am very sorry Henri Sara for misspelling your name.

Can you please help me how to implement the feature session guard in Vaadin7.1.10. I am not getting any solutions to resolve this??

I’m sorry but I don’t have a direct answer to that and would need to dig deeper, for which I don’t really have time. That is how the community forum works - you often get an answer, but most people have limited time to spend on such questions. If what the forum provides is not sufficient, you can always
buy commercial support

Note that someone else (such as the author of the add-on in this case) might know better, but addressing a follow-up question to a single person often makes other people not even try to look at it. At least in the 3000+ threads where I have written something, addressing a question specifically to me never really improves the chances of getting a reply - I reply if I have the time and know the answer, not based on someone specifically asking for me.