Session, URL changing

Hi all,

I had doubt on , Can we use session to maintain user session??, Is there any possibility in vaadin to do so??.. or any other alternatives??.

and Other one is that, how to change url pattern for my vaadin application., For Eg.

this is my main app page… I have login page through this to enter into main page. after logout i want to redirect to login page. both page are diff url… how to do that… or any other solutions for this…???

R Prabu

could you please explain in more details what do you mean on this ? You can create some pojo, describing user’s status (name, id, auth, privileges, etc) and store it in your application instance class. It will die with the session or you can null it on logout, for istance.

Why your login/main pages are different url’s ? Actually if you have one window - you have one url for it. And you can change content (vi setContent method) on that window to put login or main UI on top.

But if you can also use setRedirectUrl method on your app instance - this url the user will be redirected to when your application ends. For instance, you can call myapp.close() on logout and this will do the trick