Session ID is regenerated on application refresh

I recently ran into a problem that Vaadin regenerates the session id on every page refresh/reload. It acts like if there was a
param given
but it is not
. I checked in the firebug - the
cookie value is changing on every F5. I thought that I did something wrong in my app, but the stateless problem exists even in fresh Vaadin project created & deployed to the server.

The problem occurs in my both machines. I did very lot of stuff as I’m doing research what technologies should I use for my future project. I.e. tested Glassfish, Vaadin 7, new and old eclipse plugin etc - I have absolutetly no idea where should I start to looking for a problem.

My current configuration: Tomcat 7.0.30, Vaadin 6.8.4 (the same behavior on 7.0). I deploy my application directly from eclipse (Vaadin plugin installed).

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Wojciech,

Don’t you close the application? (application.close())
In tomcat manager, look the sessions of your application:
Every session stay opened?
When you refresh browser, does tomcat terminate last session and creates a new one?


Sounds like the same issue as