Session Expires with mailto

Hi All,

I use this code to build a link on my web application:

When i click on the link the mailto instruction works correctly, but the vaadin session expires and i must repeat the login. This happens only with Chrome, i tried with Internet Explorer and all goes well.
Do you have any idea about this problem?


I tried to reproduce your problem with Vaadin 6.6.0 and Chrome 12 (Mac OS X) but I didn’t have any issues with the Vaadin session expiring.

However, one workaround for your problem might be to use Label component in XHTML content mode instead of Link.

Label mailLabel = new Label("<a href=\"mailto:" + user.getMail()
                + "\">" + user.getMail() + "</a>", Label.CONTENT_XHTML);


I’m experiencing the same problem with Vaadin 6.7.4, and changing to Label, as you suggested, didn’t make any difference I’m afraid.

Regards Lars-Olof