Server Push Socket get closed and application hangs

Currently we are having the Problem that when we activate Push in our UI, application doesn’t response after first push message.

Application hangs after the following push message :
Fri Oct 25 11:13:18 GMT+200 2013 com.vaadin.client.VConsole

Sending push message

: d6e873d9-013c-4353-a5b0-0f2859694d8d[[“57”,“v”,“v”,[“positionx”,[“i”,“660”]

In Firefox console we see the following error message :

The connection to ws://localhost:9090/myapplication/PUSH/?v-



was interrupted while the page was loading


After the page is manually refreshed then application works for some time and then the error appear again. We reproduce it with all browsers and problem seem to lie on client side

We are using Vaadin 7.1.7 with Tomcat 7 64bit

could you please help us with that as we require to use the Push techonology with vaadin.

Thanks in advance

Which exact Tomcat 7 version are you using? Tomcats before 7.0.35 or so do not have a very reliable Websockets implementation. We recommend installing the latest version if at all possible. Also, do you have any proxy software between the client and the server?

Thanks for reply,

We are using latest Tomcat version 7.0.42.

We found out that for couple of workstation the problem doesn’t occur. Shutting down windows-firewall and antivirus program has not helped. we reinstalled chrom and firefox. we tried disabling IPv6 in firefox but without success.

Whole client application is developed in Vaadin. so as far as i know there is no proxy software between client and server. there is no proxy SERVER in between.

All right, thanks. We haven’t encountered this issue before; if you could report the exact steps to reproduce, with an as-minimal-as-possible test case attached, it would be tremendously helpful. Please also open a
new ticket
in the issue tracker.

I have open a ticket with sample project file and video.

I woul really appreciate any tip.