Separator in a table


I have a table, backed up with a BeanItemContainer. This table contains objects of two types, A and B. I now sort the table so that all A’s come first, and after that all B’s. I don’t have a column showing which ones are of which types, and I would like to visually get some kind of separator between these two. A big black border on the bottom of the last A-element or something like this.

I have tried using a CellStyleGenerator but I can just separate every A from B, not just point to the last A or first B. I also thought about hacking an extra empty row between them and styling that, but it too would be quite hard, ugly and would cause a lot of bugs on the same time.

Any ideas?

Problem solved. For some reason I didn’t think I got to know the exact instance of every rows object. I just stored a reference for the first B and did a == check in the ColumnGenerator, and it solved the issue. Silly me.