Sending a list of serialized objects to GWT widget


I want to send a list of objects to my GWT widget counterpart of my component through uidl. Now, what is the best solution to send data that look something like this:

 => array("id" => 1, "title" => "This is a string", "value" => 4),
 => array("id" => 2, "title" => "This is another string", "value" => 6)


I’ve tried sending is as a map but it doesn’t seem to handle nesting very good. The basic idea is that it’s a list of dynamic length, where every item has two or more attributes.

Any ideas?

I solved this by putting putting every item (which each consisted of a List object) inside a tag in the uidl, then I simply iterated over the contained items and got their ValueMap counterpart in the GWT Widget.