SeleniumUI & Windows Scheduled Task - Close Internet Explorer?


I have an application that plays out some UI testing utilizing
Selenium UI
and Internet Explorer. I begin the Internet Explorer web driver, play out the tests and shutting the traveler and the comfort utilizing web driver.Quit() That works decently when I execute it from my Visual Studio, or notwithstanding executing an outer content with my client account. Be that as it may, when I attempt it to run it in a Windows Scheduled Task (ie, once every day), the Internet Explorer support (IeDriver.exe) does not close, bringing about a considerable measure of IEDriver.exe running in few days, making our improvement server shaky.

Any thought?

Thank you

At least in the past it has been reported as common issue with IEDriver.exe that it is not closing, if browser add-ons are enabled. So I recommend first to disable all IE add-ons.