Selecting multiple items in a table with Shift Ctrl


I’m trying to catch the event that a user selects multiple rows in a table by clicking on the first desired row and then on the last desired row of a range by holding the Ctrl (Cmd on my Mac) and Shift keys down.
I’m catching the events through the Property.ValueChangeListener.
The behavior I see is that the first event is caught. When I Shift-Ctrl click on the final row of the range, all intended rows get highlighted shortly and only the first row ends up being highlighted, but there is no event coming through the Property.ValueChangeListener. (When I multiselect using only the Ctrl key, each individually selected rows is seen as an event.) When I immediately click the second row again, the intended range is highlighted, but still no event plus from then on clicking with only the Ctrl key down is not seen as an event.

Is this expected behavior?
How can I catch the multiple select and how can I make the multiselect visible on the table, using Ctrl-Shift-click?

My setup:
Vaadin: 6.4.8
Firefox: 3.6.13
Chrome: 9.0.597.84
Safari: 5.0.3