Select vs FilesystemContainer

Given the following snippet:

		final Property itemProperty = competitionItem.getItemProperty(fieldName);
		FilesystemContainer fsContainer = new FilesystemContainer(new File(baseDirectory,"/WEB-INF/classes/templates"),false);
		Select fileSelector = new Select(caption, fsContainer);

The problem I have is that the Select field does not show the value of the item property on initial display. Changing the value by selecting a value does change the property and the underlying Pojo (as attested by traces in the Property.ValueChangeListener). Once a value has been selected, things work fine, until which time I rebuild the view.

Any advice or example welcome.

Does itemProperty.getValue() return a File object? FileSystemContainer uses File objects as item ids. The following code at least works:

        final Property itemProperty = new ObjectProperty(
                new File("C:\\windows"));
        FilesystemContainer fsContainer = new FilesystemContainer(new File(
                "C:\\"), false);
        Select fileSelector = new Select("File system", fsContainer);


Short of reading the fine source (RTFS), is there any way of guessing what the item type is ? As a suggestion, this would be useful information to be written in the JavaDoc, and at first glance I could not readily see why the signature of the API was not made more specific.