Select & LQC

Hi all, can you someone provide full example of data binding select and LazyQueryContainer? Binding with another container is welcomed too. (LQC in contains method expected index in container not item - this is different behavoir).

I can’t get working simple example:

First table: Currency (ID, Code, Name) … {1, USD, Dolar;2,EUR,Euro}
Second table ExchangeRate(ID, CcyFrom, CcyTo, Rate,ValidFrom) … {1,1,2,1.515,2011/01/01;…}

I have one container which contains all records from Currency. I set it as source of Select …

Select result = new Select("Select currency", currencies);

It works fine.

I have second container which contains some select of ExchangeRate. I bind it to form, replace TextField with select.
Now I want to set correct value to select … but select.setValue(newValue) doesn’t work :frowning: When I debug it I found out that newValue wasn;t found at container … how can I do it right?

There are several examples at book of vaadin unfortunatelly they doesn’t use LQC or doesn;'t use container for select source (popup and value).