Select in the grid

Hi All,

I’m pretty new to vaadin elements and I’ enthusiast!!!

I just followed the vaadin elementary school in Youtube and I created my own vaadin grid element as per

I added an expandable row detail, but I cannot select the data with the mouse, it seems that the whole grid environment is stopping this functinality. How to add mouse selection, and copy?

Moreover, how to change odd rows colors? Thanks and sorry for the dumb questions!

Update: I’m on mac OS (sierra). With chrome the selection works, while with safari (latest of both) doesn’t.

Hello masi,

If you intend to use 1, there might be little that can be done for the text selection issue in rows details. To get every odd row styled differently, you might want to take a look at column renderers feature.


Instead of struggling with 1, I highly recommend trying out 2, which makes all this a lot easier. It’s currently at alpha stage but we’re quite close to reaching beta.

Latest release:

Live demos: